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Bishop calls for teamwork in the diocese

Posted by Mariannhill Monastery January - 21 - 2013 Comments Off on Bishop calls for teamwork in the diocese

(l-r) Deacon Roberto Cossa, Fr. Bheki Shabala (Provincial Superior), Fr. Emmanuel Nkosinathi Dlamini, Bishop Pius Ndlugwane, and Deacon Daniel Phiri. Kneeling: Deacons Derek Mwansa and Gift Mulenga.


The newly ordained priest promises respect and obedience to Bishop Pius Ndlugwane.


Bishop Pius Ndlugwane presents the newly ordained priest to the congregation.

The Bishop of Mariannhill Diocese Pius Ndlungwane ordained four deacons and one priest. The ordination took place at Mariannhill-Monastery church on the19 January2013, where the ordained are all members of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill (CMM).

The newly ordained deacons are Roberto Cossa, Derek Mwansa, Daniel Phiri and Gift Luke Mulenga. While the newly ordained priest, is Emmanuel Nkosinathi Dlamini from Swaziland.

In his homily, the bishop called for a spirit of teamwork in the diocese and the church at large. He said working together as a team produces more effective results than a one man leadership. One man leadership alone is inadequate.

“There are some tasks that cannot be undertaken by one individual, but can be easily accomplished by working in a team,” said Bishop Ndlugwane. He added that the collective effort necessitates a need for more shoulders on the wheel so as to provide effective and desirable work in the vineyard of the lord.

The bishop emphasized that both deacons and priests were faced with great challenges in their ministry. He said, nowadays the situation was challenging and that the culture of lone or single-handed leadership and it’s inadequacy continues to haunt the church. “There is a need to embrace the spirit of teamwork in order to achieve the goals of priesthood in the church”, he said.

Apart from the lone leadership, the bishop also highlighted that as the population of the Christian community continues to increase, it is difficult, on the other hand, to find personnel with vocation to the priesthood to fill parishes.

The bishop said very often young and newly ordained priests are assigned as parish priests before they could be ready because of the need of personnel to run parishes. As a result the issue of “maturity, stability and spirituality often have to catch up with them along the way,” he said, adding that this is a difficult situation in that many times such priests are faced with difficulties beyond their control, thus setting in frustrations in young priests. He added that there is a need for a collective support and teamwork where senior priests can act as mentors to their junior brother priests.

“We need people who are gifted in different ways to lend their shoulders on the wheel, thus helping spread the work of God”, he said. On a similar note the bishop said there is a need of more missionary priests because the diocesan priests cannot lead the diocese alone”.

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