The Carpentry shop was started in 1904 by Abbot Francis (Founder of the Mariannehill Monastery). It was originally located by Southmead (Adjacent to KTT).

It was relocated to its current location (10 Monastery Road) When the Brothers were placed under house arrest at the time of the Civil War in 1900.Its current location was originally the ox wagon shop for the manufacturing and repair of Ox Wagons and when the mode of transport form horse draw carriages was outdated to the modern vehicle it was converted into a wood work workshop.

The building is 100 years design by Bother Nevard. It has been the center point for most woodwork that is seen in most Catholic churches within South Africa and neighbouring African countries namely Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Botwana.
With such a rich history the Carpentry Shop is now run by Hubert Ngobese from Gamdane Contracting and Trading (Pty) Ltd. Where he hopes to restore this rich history of fine craftsmanship of solid wood furniture and is driving the revival of the old styles of woodwork which is slowly becoming extinct.

The revival of the old is not easy being that the skills and knowledge of such craftsmanship has not been documented nor available.

Mariannhill Monastery Carpentry Gallery

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