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Life long commitment to religious life

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Br. George von Aarburg, Br. Rudibert Wieser and Br. Herman Krausert.

Young members of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill (CMM) have been urged to learn from the senior members who have led life of commitment and tireless service to the community.

That was the message conveyed by Fr. Henry Ratering CMM during the Jubilee celebration of religious profession of three senior members of the congregation at the Mariannhill Monastery Church recently. The jubilarians were Br. George von Aarburg (87)who celebrated 60 years of religious profession, while Brothers Herman Krausert (75) and Rudibert Wieser (71) celebrated 50 years of religious profession respectively. The celebration was attended by Bishop Pius Dlungwane, of Mariannhill Diocese, Cardinal Wilfred Napier and Bishop Barry Wood, the Auxiliary Bishop of Durban.

In his homily, Fr. Ratering said the three members of the congregation have over the years displayed excellent service to the community and the church at large.

Determination and commitment to unrelenting pursuit of excellent service to the church and the community is what has characterisedBr. Von Aarburg60 years of religious profession. At the age 87, Br. Aarburg who has been stationed in Mariazell Mission for over fifty years now continues working hard in the Mission where, apartfrom being a technical manager of the domestic hydroelectric mill that supplies electricity to the entire Mission; he also oversees the overall maintenance of the mission.

Br. Krausert has also excelled in his service to the community and the church. Apart from managing the Monastery Blacksmith workshop, Br. Krausert also played an instrumental role in helping building descent housing for people around Mariannhill in the 1980’s. He was also instrumental in building some churches and schools in KwaZulu-Natal as well as Eastern Cape. While Br. Wieser a wizard in matters of electricity and security.

Fr. Ratering said all the members of the congregation have a lot to learn from the three senior confreres, adding that the trio have led a life of utter commitment and zeal to the tasks entrusted to them.  “They are not allergic to work, they have treated the motto “Better fields, better homes, better hearts” not as a slogan but they have made it a living reality,” he said.

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