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Mariannhill Province Elects New Leadership

Posted by Mariannhill Monastery December - 11 - 2012 Comments Off on Mariannhill Province Elects New Leadership

(From Left to Right) Fr. Vincent Mdabe, Fr. Donatus Ndwalane, Fr. Bheki Shabalala (Provincial Superior) and Mauricio Langa.

The Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill (CMM) – Mariannhill Province, held its elective chapter recently where new leadership was elected.

Former Vicar-General of the Congregation, Fr. Bheki Shabalala CMM, made history by becoming the first incumbent Vicar General and an Administrator of the Region of Mariannhill to be elected Provincial Superior of Mariannhill Province. Prior to his election Fr. Bheki Shabalala was the Vicar General of the Congregation. He had, however, been appointed by the General Government early this year as an administrator to run the affairs of the Region of Mariannhill after the status of Mariannhill Province had been temporarily changed from being a province to a region.

As part of the new leadership team the chapter elected Fr. Vincent Mdabe CMM (Vice-provincial), Fr. Donatus Sibusiso Ndwalane CMM and Mauricio Langa as Provincial Councillors to assist the provincial superior. In his acceptance speech, the newly elected provincial superior said he never expected that he could be the one elected since his task was that of facilitating the smooth running  of affairs in the then Region of Mariannhill. “Since the confreres have spoken I will honour their wish and I will do my utmost best to work and co-operate with every member thus taking the Province of Mariannhill forward.”

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