Mariannhill Monastery

1882 Abbot Francis Pfanner – South Africa

Mariannhill Monastery Repository

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Come browse around Mariannhill Repository, known for its great service.

See our range of rosaries, both local and imported as well as crucifixes and components to make your own rosary.

We also stock a variety of Bibles, children’s books and other religious books in English and Zulu.

Church requirements are catered for with Chalices, Ciboriums, Lecterns, Tabernacles etc. as well as Charcoal, Incense and Communion Hosts.

We import statues, large and small, as well as gift items.

Orders are taken for candles for special occasions such as weddings and baptisms – made and decorated on our premises.

Maureen and the Repository team are always available to assist and advise.

Contact us on 031-700-4288 or 031-700-1031 or e-mail us at


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