Mariannhill Monastery

1882 Abbot Francis Pfanner – South Africa



The Repository stocks a variety of church requirements, artifacts and devotional items for all Church communities of highest quality either local or imported.

Our clientele can choose between a wide range of books, liturgical and spiritual alike, as well as any artifacts such as religious statues or gifts for any occasion. Parishes and religious communities will find anything for their daily use concerning church purposes.

The Repository hosts its own candle making department where candles for various occasions such as baptisms and weddings are made and decorated. Candles are available not only in different sizes and shapes but also colours.

Some of the products are manufactured at the Monastery, such as wooden church furniture at the Monastery carpentry, metal work from the Blacksmith. Clerical regalia are available at the Tailoring. Moreover some goods are handcrafted by the religious brothers.

If you have any queries please contact us: 031 700 10 31 or email:

We stock a variety of the following:

•    Holy Cards and cards for special occasions (Baptism, Holy Communion, Ordination or Religious Profession etc.)
•    An assortment of Holy pictures/posters
•    Certificates (Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage)
•    Registers for parishes (Baptism, Holy Communion, Confirmation and Marriage)
•    Bibles and religious books in English and Zulu, also for children
•    An assortment of prayer pamphlets and novenas
•    A wide range of rosaries and rosary components to craft rosaries
•    Religious Statues in various sizes (plaster, wood, resin and luminous)
•    Nativity sets
•    Candle holders, either brass or metal, as well as votive candle stands
•    Church vessels, such as chalices, ciborium, monstrance
•    Wooden crosses, crucifixes and corpuses
•    Mass kits and Communion sets
•    Charcoal, incense and Communion Hosts/Wafers
•    Tabernacles
•    Lecterns, Baptismal fonts, donation boxes
•    A variety of religious gift articles and more.

Maureen and the Repository team are always available to assist and advise. You are welcome to browse around the Repository.

Contact Details:
Maureen Du Toit (Manager)
Phone: 031 700 4288
031 700 1031
Fax: 031 700 4244