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In 1882 Prior Franz Pfanner of the Reformed Cistercians (Trappists) intended establishing a Trappist Monastery and commencing the work of evangelisation among the local Africans. In 1885 he became Abbot of the new foundation which he called Mariannhill. He resigned from office in 1893 and was succeeded by Abbots Amandus Scholzig who died in 1900 and Gerard Wolpert. Abbot Franz Pfanner died on the 24 May 1909, and about the same time Rome separated the Mariannhill Abbey from the Trappist Order. Mariannhill was constituted an independent Missionary Congregation with the official title: The Congregation of Missionaries of Mariannhill (CMM).

Mariannhill Diocese Bishops


Bishop Pius Mlungisi Dlungwane
Diocese of Mariannhill
Appointed Auxiliary Biship: 2000-06-02
Ordained Auxiliary Bishop: 2000 – 08 – 06
Installed Bishop: 2006 – 08 – 06


Rt Rev Bishop Paul Themba Mngoma
Diocese of Mariannhill
Appointed Auxiliary Bishop: 14 – 03 – 1981
Ordained Auxiliary Bishop: 23 – 05 – 1981
Died: 15 – 06 – 2005

Rt Rev Bishop Martin Elmar Schimid CMM
Diocese of Mariannhill
Appointed Bishop: 20 – 06 – 1970
Ordained Bishop: 10 – 10 – 1970
Installed Bishop: 10 – 10 – 1970
Died: 18 – 06 – 1980

Rt Rev Bishop Alphonse Streit CMM
Diocese of Mariannhill
Appointed Auxiliary Bishop: 23 – 12 – 1950
Ordained Auxiliary Bishop: 03 – 03 – 1911
Installed Bishop: 05 – 07 – 1951
Died: 21 – 06 – 1970


Rt Rev Bishop Adalbero Fleisher CMM, consecrated Titular Bishop of Tiberiopolis and Vicar Apostolic of Mariannhill in 1922, was nominated Papal Count and Assistant at the Pontifical throne on 2 June 1947. He resigned 17 April 1950 and died 19 March 1963.

Bishop Diocese of Aliwal(Sede Vacante) Appointed Bishop: Ordained Bishop:

Abbot Francis was born in Austrian village of Langen, Vorarlberg, in 1825.
On the 28th of July 1850 he was ordained priest in the Cathedral of Brixen.
In 1862 he made a pilgrimage to Rome and a year later to the Holy Land.
On the 9th of October 1863, he entered the novitiate in the Trappist Monastrey of Maria Wald in the Eitel (Germany) and was given the name Francis. He made his first profession on the 24th of November 1864.
In 1879 Fr. Francis, now aged 54 and Prior of the Monastrey, attended the general chapter of Trappists in Sept Fons, France.
In 1880 Fr. Francis together with 30 companions reached Dunbrody in the Cape Colony.
A day after Christmas in 1882 the travellers and their heavy loaded ox wagons got stuck in the mud.This was the foundation of the monastery and the missionary centre Mariannhill (Maria-Anna-Hill).
In 1885 Francis Pfanner founded the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood. On the 27th of December that year he became Abbot of the Monastery of Mariannhill.
He died on the 24th of May 1909, at the age of 84 years. The same year Pope Pius X granted seperation of Mariannhill from the Trappist Order and approved the foundation of the Congregation of Missionaries of Mariannhill.